Oh In which world are we living ..Gang-Rape Survivor Allegedly Raped Again By The Same Men 3 Years Later


This news is from Rohtak

Courtesy- NDTV All below open text

Case leak – (In Bracket red Text)

A 20-year-old Dalit (No need to describe the girls cast as there is no difference in such a worst case but NDTV has these kinds of formats only) woman was raped by five men and left to die in the bushes in Haryana’s Rohtak, around 60 km from Delhi, this week.

But what is even more shocking is that the men who are accused are the same five who had raped her earlier in 2013.

According to the survivor’s family, the men, who are all in their twenties and out on bail, wanted them to settle the case and were punishing the woman for pursuing it in court.
“I came out of college and there were those very five men in the car. Three were inside and two of them were outside,” the woman told NDTV.

They took her inside the car, drugged her and then raped her while she was unconscious. They then dumped her body near the bushes, she said.

According to the survivor’s family who moved to Rohtak after the incident three years ago, the five men, all of them from an upper caste, were threatening the family to negotiate a settlement worth Rs. 50 lakhs.

“We used to live in Bhiwani before. After the incident we fled to Rohtak to save ourselves from these men. I wanted to educate my children,” the mother of the woman said.

The police say the woman was found in the bushes in Rohtak’s Sukhpura Chowk area on Wednesday, after which she registered a complaint and is now in a government hospital.

“We will file an FIR (First Information Report). A team has been sent to Bhiwani to look for the accused,” Garima, a police officer, said.



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