Open challenge to Zakir Naik . Know who the person challenged him


The International Federations of Kankubjya Bramhin’s Holiness Swami Brahmarshi Turupati challenges to open up the debate on Santan Dharm and Islam . Sri Swamiji has said that Zakir Naik can choose any location,any time and in any country for debate on Islam and Sanatan Dharma.

Zakir Naik has always been trying for disgracing Sanatan dharma which is presented from the past 5000 years,
Swamiji said that if Zakir Naik would have defeated me in discussion then I will accepted Islam. And if he can’t defeated me then Zakir Naik have to accept Hinduism with all his supporters .

According to Swamiji too many Muslim do not believe on the concept of Zakir Naik as he defaming and misguiding Muslim peoples too.

But definitely Zakir Naik will not in any way to accept this challenge.

All readers are requested to bring this challenge to the entire World and make it reach to Zakir naik.




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